Design is more than art;
it’s also science.
Design is like an arc: one end is creative, imaginative, and resourceful, while the other end is pragmatic, logical, and scientific.
— Gary Leivers, Architect and Professor
In the field of design we’re constantly moving from one end to the other, creating functional design requiring vision and artistry, but most importantly efficiency and effectiveness.
“As head of product for Yahoo Rivals, I relied heavily on Jenny’s exceptional and extensive UX and product skills, ideas, and design work to build toward the next generation of the brand and business. I felt her vision was cohesive and distinct, and kept usability and function as a core philosophy in the fairly complex, multi-device product that Rivals is. I’m grateful that the tone and direction she established with her work continues to influence our decisions and product identity to this day.”
Luke DeRossi
Head of Product at Yahoo! Rivals
“Jenny was great to work with and an amazing asset for the team. She worked collaboratively with many stakeholders, including execs, engineering, and product, to create design and architecture solutions spanning research through production. Our project required a meticulous approach to nuanced design systems at scale, and she executed with both efficiency and a high attention to detail.”
James Gerlach
Director of Design at Little Passports
(was Director of Design at Texture)
“Jenny was at my company Grio for over 6 years. She is a super hard worker who unrelentingly cranks out golden ideas and inspired designs. She has a great eye and is hyper organized. Jenny is somehow lighthearted and fierce at the same time, which makes her an ideal collaborator. She would make an excellent addition to any team and I would 100% work with her again. In closing, I’d like to add that I’m grateful to Jenny for laughing at my terrible jokes over the years.”
Brad Johnson
Co-Founder at Grio
“Jenny is top-notch. She has a creative yet methodical approach to complex problems. She is incredibly skilled at analyzing and articulating complex ideas and does a great job striking the right balance between the big picture and the subtle details. Jenny is a strong advocate for the user and uses data to make informed decisions, and because of this, she’s always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better. She’s an excellent team player, quickly shifting focus from one department to another as we all clamor for her assistance. Jenny is also just a fantastic person to work with; she’s fun, hard-working, and very talented.”
Michelle Urban
VP of Marketing at Atomist
“Jenny is one those rare designers who loves to dive deep in user research, come back up and apply her insight to well crafted and beautiful interfaces. Jenny and I worked closely together on many projects while we were both at Grio. Her focus on the user, attention to detail, and aesthetic sensibilities pushed us to achieve the quality outcomes expected by users and clients. Not only is Jenny a prized member of any software development team, she’s a joy to work with. She brings laughs and smiles on a daily basis.”
Morgan Shortle
Senior UX Designer at Grio
“I work as a web engineer in collaboration with Jenny who is responsible for the UX and design of our web app. Jenny’s designs always demonstrate both a thorough understanding of the user perspective with a meticulous attention to detail. She consistently offers clear explanations and listens carefully to others’ opinions. Jenny is also excellent in discussions with divergent strong opinions, asking pertinent questions and seeking to understand other viewpoints. She researches topics she’s unfamiliar with, filling gaps in both her and the groups’ knowledge that improves decision making. As an engineer I can rely on Jenny to engage in thoughtful and productive discussion, but ultimately take decisions so that we can move forward. This coupled with her positive attitude makes her great to work with.”
Danny Smith
Engineer at Atomist