About Me
I’m a Senior UX Designer, living in the Bay Area. My favorite parts of design: sketching and collaborating.
I was born an artist who was always drawing and painting, and loved to create things with my hands.

I went on to study interior design and got my Bachelor’s Degree at San Diego State University. A year after practicing interior design in the field, I moved to the Bay Area and switched career paths. I became a UI/UX designer and have since worked with over 20 clients in the 8+ years of my career.

It may not be surprising how an interior designer makes a transition to UI/UX design — in many ways they are similar fields based off the same principles, with similar structured processes, and starting with the end user and their needs. You can read more about my career change in a blog post I wrote early on in my career.

Now a Senior UX Designer, I’ve had the privelege to work on dozens of projects with so many people. I’ve worn several hats and grown to be very versatile: a previous design manager has labeled me a “T designer,” in that I am a generalist who can tackle any phase of design, while also being able to dig deep into the details of a particular area/project/task.

I’m at a point in my career where answering the “why” has become essential for me and I truly see the need for analysis and measurement. I want to combine my UI/UX skills with even more focus on user research, product design, and validation. This, and focusing on products that help people and are part of positive change within a collaborative team, are my goals.

Painting, zumba, cooking, reading WW2 books, learning Italian, leisurely bike riding, spending time with my family, and friends.